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To get children and happiness of children, observe the fast of Skanda Shashthi.

    Lord Kartikey is worshipped in Skand Pashti which is a festival celebrated to have children and for their happiness. Lord Kartikeya is known as Murugan in South India. Skand Pashti will be celebrated on the 16th of this month.

    The fast of Skand Sashti is observed on the Pashti date of the Krishan Paksha of the month of Karthik. The
    day of Pashti in the Shukla Paksha of the month of Chaitra is called Skand Pashto. This fast is also known as
    Santan Pashto. The Skand Puran holds a record of a conversation between Lord Narayan and Narad in
    which this fast is mentioned to offer a child as well as to take erase the befalling on a child. One should
    fast from the day before Pashti and worship Lord Kartikey on Pashto. Skand Pashti is highly regarded in
    Tamil Nadu. This fast has been followed since ancient times. Hence, the fast take on the form of a
    festival. It is believed that King Sharyati and Bhargav Rishi Chyavan’s story is connected to the Skand
    Pashto fast. It is believed that by observing the Skand Pashti fast Chyavan Rishi received the vision of his
    eyes. It is written in that Brahmavaivart Puran that by the blessings received by observing the Skand
    Ppashti fast the dead baby of Priyavart gained life. The Skand Pashti puja is an ancient ritual. Lord Shiv’s
    son Skand was raised and protected by the six Kritikos. He has six heads and was also called by the name
    of Kartikey. By worshipping Lord Kartikey on the Pashti of Bhadrapad in Dakshinapath, even sins like
    Brahma Hatya is forgiven. Hemadri Krityartnaakar took examples from the Brahma Puran and said that
    Skand was born from the fire on amavas. He was born on the Pashti of the Shukla Paksha of the month of
    Chaitra. He was made the commander of the army by the Gods and defeated Tarkasur. He is worshipped
    by offering to Him lamps, clothes, and ornaments. For the good health of the child, He should be
    worshipped on every Shukl Pashto. An image or idol of Lord Shaligram, an image of Lord Kartikey, a Tulsi
    plant, a small bronze pot, coconut, puja samagri like kumkum, turmeric, sandalwood, herbal colors,
    Diya, ghee, itra, flowers, milk, water, mausami, meva, and an aasan or a mat to sit on, are the
    things that are required for the puja. Observing this fast religiously provides one with a child. This fast
    protects the child from suffering and bad health. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are also worshipped on
    the day of Skand Pashti. The Sthapna Puja of Skand Dev Lord Kartikey is performed. Numerous diyas are
    lighted. Devotees recite the Nitya Paath of Skand Pashti Mahatmay. The Lord is given a bath and is
    adorned with new clothes and worshipped. The Lord is offered food on this day. Prayers made for the
    fulfillment of an important task prove to be beneficial. Saadhak Ttantra Saadhan is also performed.
    Meat, alcohol, onion, and garlic must not be consumed and it is necessary for one to follow the strict
    rules of Brahmacharya. It is learned from the scriptures about Lord Kartikey’s birth that when the terror of
    evil was spreading and even the Gods had to face defeat, they went to lord Brahma to seek protection.
    Lord Brahma replied that the leader of the demons Tarak could only be killed by the son of Shiv. But
    after the death of Sati, He was deep into meditation. After many plead from the Gods, Lord Shiv
    married Goddess Parvati. And so Kartikey was born who defeated Tarkasur and returned the Gods to
    their place. Lord Skand is very powerful. The Gods offered Him the rank of the Commander of the
    armies. Riding a peacock, Lord Kartikey is worshipped the most in South India and is known as Murugan.
    Victory, comfort, and discipline, all of are attained by the blessings of Lord Kartikey. The major God
    of Skand Puran is Lord Kartikey and this Puran is the biggest amongst all. Major temples of Lord Kartikey
    are in Tamil Nadu.

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