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Significance of the Month of Vaishakh

    There is no Month, comparable with the month of Vaishakh, No Era comparable to the SatYug, no scriptures compared with the Vedas, and no sacred pilgrimage, as compared with the Rive Ganga. Due to its own certain and specific specialties, the month of Vaishakhis considered being the most significant month.

    According to the Puranas, the month of Vaishakh, has been given the status of the most loved and sought after, amongst all the months, by Lord Brahma. This month, just like a Mother perpetually provides all the best and desired things. It is the summary of Righteousness, Penance, Religious Devotional Offerings, Actions, and meditation/ Penance. This month is respected and worshipped by all the Gods. Just as amongst the knowledge, the knowledge of the Vedas, amongst the Verses; the verse Pranav, amongst the Trees; Kalp Vriksh, amongst the Cows; Kamdhenu, Lord Vishnu; amongst the Gods, Brahmin; amongst the castes, Life; amongst dearest things, River Ganga; amongst the Rivers, The Sun; amongst the power/luster of light, Chakra; amongst theWeapons, Gold; amongst metals, Lord Shiva; amongst the Vaishnavs and KaustubhGem; amongst the Gemstones are considered the Topmost, in the same way, Vaishakh month is considered the First amongst the Months, in terms of the actions supporting the Righteousness and Religion activities.Thereisnoother month.

    as Vaishakh, in order to please Lord Vishnu. Anyone, who takes bath before the Sunrise, in the month of Vaishak, always, continuously finds love and blessings from Lord Vishnu. The sins will only have their ill effects, till the time the person does not take bath before the Sunrise, in the month of Vaishakh. In the month of Vaishakh, the Gods,
    residing in the places of pilgrimage, and the Godsresiding in the sacred shrines, also come out and make their abode in the Waterbodies, located apart and outside the pilgrimage/sacred places. As per the instructions and
    permission from Lord Vishnu, they come for the welfare of the humans, and are present there, from the time of the Sunrise, till before the Sunset. Vaishakhisthesupreme month and the bed of Sheshnaag is most loved by Lord Vishnu. The virtues, which are earned by giving all donations and the fruits/ results achieved by visiting the sacred/ holy shrines, the same earnings and results can be achieved by Vaishakh, by donating only the water. The time of taking bath in the Vaishakh month starts from the Shukla paksha Full Moon of the Chaitra month. This bathing time
    continues throughout the entire month of Vaishakh. This year, the Vaishakh month is starting from the 28th of April. In the Vaishakh month, one should take a bath before the Sunrise, going to any Sacred shrine, Lake, River, or Well, else only at home. While bathing, one should chant the verse “Vaishakhe Message.

    Bhanu Praatah, Snana paraayanah. Arghyam Teham Pradaasyaami grihaan Madhusudan”.One should donate fans, Musk melon, and other fruits, new/fresh grains, and food items in the month of Vaishakh. The virtues, which are attained by giving all donations and the fruits achieved by pilgrimage, visiting the sacred/holy shrines, the same earnings and results can be achieved in the month of Vaishakh, by donating only the water. It is also said, that in the month of Vaishakh, any person, who installs drinking water taps and satiates the worn-out, tired people, has actually satiated the trinity; Lords Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh.

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