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    As much as a woman needs a man, man also needs women equally. Wives keep karwachauth fast for the
    long life of their husbands, similarly, husbands should also keep Ashunyashayan Dwitiya fast for their
    partners. Ashunyashayan means not to have sleep alone.

    shunyashayan means sleeping without a partner. According to Hemadri and Nirnay Sindhu,
    ashunyashayan fast has been considered very important for the betterment of the husband-wife relationship.
    This fast is a prayer to the lord to never part from each other. This fast is kept on the second day of Krishna
    paksha of Shravan and Bhadrapada month. This year Krishna Paksha of Shravan Month is beginning on
    25th July. Pratipada Tithi will be there till morning 05:57 am. Post that Dwitiya will begin (Day two).
    Ashunya shayan Dwitiya is considered as sahayan vyapini. Tonight 04:03. Therefore,

    Dwitiya fast should be observed today and Lakshmi Narayana fast should be kept in the evening. This is
    the duration of lord Vishnu’s sleep. And this fast is a celebration of the lord’s sleep. This fast is dedicated to
    Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. Their power always remains together and thus, every individual who
    keeps this fast is blessed with a happy married life. Keeping this fast ensures that the husband and wife
    live together for life-long. This keeps love and warmth in the family. All wishes come true. On this day
    one should take bath early in the morning and start the fast. In the evening, idols of Lord Vishnu and
    Goddess Laxmi is established on a special bed, their idols are cleansed with milk, honey, and then plain
    water, after that new cloth, vermillion, flower, and fruit is rendered with proper rules and rituals.
    Keeping quiet during this is considered very beneficial and good.

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