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way to celebrate Ashaadh Purnima.

    Guru Purnima to remember all the Gurus, It is a day to honor them. master in scriptures He has been given a higher status than God.

    Our country has witnessed many traditions. One of these traditions is the Guru-Shishya tradition. From
    ancient times, India has been the birthplace of great Gurus and their disciples. Gurus have been an
    important part of Indian culture and to remember this tradition, the full-moon night of Ashaadh month
    has been named Guru Poornima. In relation to Guru Poornima, this is also considered that on this day
    Ved Vyas compiled the Vedas, and many Puranas, Uppuranas, and Mahabharata also came into existence
    on this day. This is the reason why this day is also known as Vyas Poornima.

    Guru Poornima is the day of remembering and paying respect to all the Gurus. In Shastras, Guru is given
    a place even higher than the Gods. With respect to Gurus, Lord Shiva himself says- …..
    Gururdevo Gururdharmon, Guru Nishtha Par Tapah Guru PartaranNasti, Trivaram KathyamiTe. (Shri
    Gurugeeta Shloka 152)

    This means, Guru is the lord, Guru is religion, and dedication to the Guru is the ultimate duty. There is
    nothing greater than the Guru. And I say this three times. You must be aware of the fact that Lord Shiva
    is always meditating. Therefore, there could be a greater force than him which guides him and to which
    he bows his head. Similarly, Lord Krishna also went to Guru Sandipani for gaining knowledge. Guru
    is everything. Gurudeva is the basis of every living being. It is said ‘Hari Roothey Guru Thaur Hai, Guru
    RootheyNahiThaur’, meaning when the Lord is upset with you, you can go to the guru. But if the Guru
    gets upset, you have nowhere to go. The Guru is self-knowledgeable, self-disciplined, patient, and has
    great foresight which allows him to judge the cognitive and physical abilities of his Shishya; enabling him
    to provide the right educations and skills to his shishya. So, the shishya cannot be defeated in the
    domain of the knowledge he has gained. The same way a potter plucks out pebbles from the clay in
    order to make a pot and then gives support of his hand from the outside to make the pot firmer and

    Guru is the guide of our life who shows us the right path from darkness to light and introduces us to reality. The great knowledge of divinity can be learned with the help of a Guru. With the knowledge of
    books, one can be a good preacher. But to get in-depth and attain pearls of true wisdom can be possible
    with the help of a Guru. Guru inspires the growth of new and positive thinking in the Shishya. All the
    relations of a person are bound to the societal periphery, but the relation of Guru and Shishya forms
    from the heart. This is one great relation wherein finding his Guru not only is the Shishya grateful but
    vice versa. A true Guru aims to make the Shishya even greater than himself. Guru takes care of the
    Shishya like a gardener takes care of a plant. When the Shishya goes to the Guru to seek knowledge, he
    is like a seed, but under the guidance of his Guru, the same Shishya slowly transcends into a big tree. A
    tree that provides shadow to the others; meaning a true Shishya propagates the teachings of his Guru.
    Guru teaches his Shishya to work with dignity, like a pen. The way a pen keeps its point down and
    continues forward. The pen teaches us creation and how to fix things that are deteriorating the search
    of Guru in the present, This is also true that to become a Shishya of a true Guru, one must have the
    feeling of dedication. The only person to really receive the teachings of the Guru is the one who truly
    desires it. You must have heard of the saying that the one who is thirsty, comes to the well and not the
    other way. One who is looking for water definitely will go to the well, but in today’s world, it’s quite a
    task to find a well with water in it. Like the way, a mirage attracts a thirsty person in a desert towards
    itself but there’s no water and one has to begin his search of the water again. But once you find water,
    the satisfaction is immense. The same way one has to keep looking for a Guru. In today’s world, you’ll
    find many Gurus who claim the right path of true knowledge, but who amongst them is actually the
    right one? Who would take you on the right path? Where will your search end? To tell this is difficult.
    Still, there are many knowledgeable and true Gurus who can guide you in your life, but you’ll have to
    keep searching to find them. There is a saying to it:

    Guru KaroJaanKe, Paani Piyo Chhaan Key. For the
    touch of a true Guru would spread a stream of music in you.

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