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Vastu of Shop or Showroom for Success

    if you are also going to open or buy a shop or showroom, then you have to check the Vaastu of not just the market, but also the following also. If you don’t follow this, then you are completely prone to losses in business.

    • The showroom is considered to be auspicious if it is facing the East and inauspicious if it is South facing. While it is only a fallacy. Instead of it, you only need to make sure that the main gate of the showroom is in the middle of the wall. This kind of door is auspicious and favourable.
    • The shelves, cabinets, showcases, to keep the items for sale and the cash counter should be built in the North West direction. This is profitable and good for business.
    • The North East direction of the shop should be used for putting the Favourite God’s picture, or installing a small Temple. In addition to this,drinking water can also be kept in this direction.
    • The South East part of the shop is considered appropriate to keep the electrical appliances or installing switch boards according to Vaastu (Feng Shui) scriptures.
    • The shop’s cash counter should be built at such a place, standing where, the seller faces the East or North direction and the customer is facing the South or West direction.This will make profitability in business, a certainty.

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