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Digital Friendship

    The hat is this world without friendship, for my friends are my world. That sitting under the tree and talking for hours, doing adventurous things, fighting, emotional talks, and whatnot. In the olden days, friendship was meeting each other, being together. Everybody use to wait for evenings because the evening was meant to be the meeting time for friends at the spot. Whatever the situation may be, happiness or sorrow all use to stand for each other’s support. But as time changed everything changed. Does no one know what happened to that friendship? It does not have that flavor anymore. Those childhood days, when everybody uses to wait for the evening to go out as if there was some magnet that pulled us all out in the open. As soon as the clock struck 4, there was an urge to get ready and go out as for all it was time to meet all the dear friends and have great fun. Teasing someone, to make someone run all these things were ways of playing then. We all remember it well, our mothers getting ready to meet their friends but now the time has changed. With new inventions, new things came. People started talking to each other on phones, then messages came, then an email came, and now it is Whatsapp. What a magical thing it is.

    Everything begins here and ends here as well. Some show thumps someone sends smiles. Not even a word is written. And the irony is no one feels the need to write anything. In those days friendship was introduced to us at a very early age. There used to be school friends, college friends, and friends from the neighborhood. Every friendship had fights and patch up but no one could stay without talking to each other. After all, this only is friendship. But we all have traveled a very long distance from sharing lunch boxes to sharing phone numbers. Hope we could get back to that age. Some ideas for special friends this friendship day:-

    Go and meet your childhood friend. plan a trip with all your friends. vOrganize a theme party “ Friends
    means lifeline” and invite all your friends. Collect old pictures and videos and send them to your friends
    without telling them.

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