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    Laxmi Panchami fast falls in Chaitra month in Shukla paksha on the Panchami date. On this day the goddess of money is revered to attain the desired results. The devotee gets showered by her blessings. To make her happy they observe fast and follow all the rituals which include offering her fruits, flowers, Laxmi yantra, and doing the puja properly with full dedication and devotion.

    In our Vedic scriptures, the Goddess has been well-described adorned with jewels and dressed beautifully in an influential manner. The Goddess is worshipped to eradicate poverty. Whenever the person is facing financial crunches in his life, or any kind of hurdle related to the job or is facing setbacks in business or financial expenditures increase to a heightened extent, then he can attain her blessings by keeping the fast. On the Panchami tithi, the devotee should do the path of kanakdharastrota, Laxmi strota, and Laxmi sukta path. It is believed that any
    path or worship is done on Shri Panchami tithi sanctifies the individual with stable finance and this worship never goes waste. The worship done with complete dedication and devotion consecrates the devotee with high financial gains. When Goddess Laxmi blesses the individual, then that person turns rich, his resources, treasures, and possessions multiples multi-fold times. Goddess Laxmi is the core of all the goddesses. She is one of the strongest power in the universe. Before starting the fast of Shri Laxmi Panchami, one should take bath early in the morning and get free from his daily chores and take the Sankalp. During the puja, the idol of the goddess is embellished and sthpana is done. She is offered a shower with panchamrit and thereafter puja is done in various forms. The puja item includes sandalwood powder, taal, Patra, flowers, garland, akshat (rice), durva (green grass), laal soot (red pure cotton thread ), supari, coconut, and she is offered various types of delicious food items. Thereafter, the devotees keeping fast should offer food and donations to the brahmins. This way this fast gets completed. All those who keep this as properly, get consecrated with auspicious outcomes of the Ashta-Laxmi. Keeping this fast regularly is very beneficial. The person should not eat grains on this day. Only fruits, milk, and sweets are permissible. The Goddess Laxmi represents finances, luxuries, and softness. She is one of the powers of sat, tam, and raj. Regular worship of the goddess and aarti eliminates all the difficulties from the devotees’ life.

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