VaastuShaastra (Feng Shui)- Tulsi plant

Tulsi plant is considered very auspicious from the point of view of Vaastu Shaastra

(Feng Shui). It is considered very important in performing any auspicious work and also in terms of being healthy, so this time we are apprising you, with the benefits of planting the Basil Plant in the house and in which direction it should be planted.

Basil plant is considered to be a form of Mother Goddess Lakshmi. By planting it in the house, there is no shortage of wealth and prosperity. Having this plant in house, removes all kinds of Vaastu(Feng Shui) defects in the house. It destroys all the negative energy and enhances positive energy. Basil plant stops the problems and difficulties coming into the house and destroys diseases.

Planting it at home or in the office gives peace and happiness to the mind. In order to plant Basil plant, you must selectNorth, East or North-East direction in the house. Whereas the Basil plant should never be planted in the Southern direction.

Take special care of cleanliness in the place where the Basil is planted, and that place should be kept very clean. There should never be a DRIEDBasil plant kept at home. It should be immediately put in a well or in a sacred place and should n New plant should be planted. If only some leaves have dried, then immediately pluck them out from the plant. All these small cures and measures will enhance your business and increase theaffluence and prosperity in your house.

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