Significance of the No Moon Night of Shani (Saturn)

Normally, all the NoMoon Nights are considered important in the Hindu calendar, but the NoMoon Night, which falls on a Monday or a Saturday has a special significance. The NoMoon Night which falls on Saturdays is also called ShanishchariAmavasya (Saturn’s No Moon Night). This auspicious combination is happening this year on 18th November. According to the “BhavishyaPurana”, it is very easy to please Lord Shani onShanishchariAmavasya, as this day is very dear to LordShani.

According to astrology, worshiping the planet Saturn on this day, helps in getting rid of the problems related with placement of the planet Saturn in the horoscope -Kalsarp yoga, Dhaiya and SadheSaati.In this worship method, Lord Shani should be anointed with oil. While offering the oil,ॐनीलांजननीमायनमःयाॐनीलच्छत्रायनमः Om NeelaanjanNeemaayNamah or Om NeelachchtraayaNamah Chants should be recited.ShaniChalisa, Hanuman Chalisa or Bajrang Baan should be read on this day. In the Ramayana, there is a mention, that Lord Hanuman got Lord Shani freed from the imprisonment of Raavan, therefore planet Saturn (Shani) showers his grace and mercy also on the devotees of Lord Hanuman. On the day of ShanishchariAmavasya, reciting of Hyms of Shani written by MaharajDasharath, and giving donationsto the needy, leads to the fulfillment of all the desires.

On this day, the by donating black sesame seeds, any item made of Iron, black gram, blanket etc. keeps the body healthy.To please Lord Shani,  ॐशंशनैश्चरायनम:, अथवाॐप्रांप्रींप्रौंशंशनैश्चरायनम:“OmShanaishcharaayaNamah”, or “Om PraamPreem Prom Shun ShanaishcharaayaNamah:” mantra should be recited. When the ShaniAmavasyafalls in the month of Margashirsha (9th month of hinducalender November or December), its significance increases even further, because in the Gita, Lord Krishna has said – “I am theHead of the path in the month”.

Therefore, all religious workssolemnised on this day will get special results. ShanishchariAmavasya (No Moon Night of Saturn) is important for liberation from defects arising from thewrath of the Ancestors It is considered auspicious to do Shraaddh Karma (paying homage to the dead ancestors)on the No Moon day, but if Amavasya falls on a Saturday, its importance increases manifold. ShanishchariAmavasya is also called PitrakaaryeshuAmavasya (No Moon Night for the work for ancestors).

Those people who have pitrdosh(Wrath of Ancestors) in their horoscope, then by performing the Shraadh(paying homage to the dead ancestors) ceremony on the day of ShanishchariAmavasya, all the faults are erased and success is achieved in all spheres of life.

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