Secret of Sankranti

In India, there is a lot of importance of astrology. This is a medium, through which great scholars calculate the auspicious and inauspicious time and make the the normal human beings aware of it. These auspicious and inauspicious times are calculated by the position of the planets and constellations. The transit or being visible or cruisingof the Sun, from one zodiac sign to the other, is called the Sankranti. On the basis of the calculations of astrological science, the transition of the Sun in the 12 zodiac signs is done according to different monthly calculations, that is, in one month, one transition of the Sun comes which lasts for about 30 days. Thus there are 12 Sankrantis in oneyear. The names of the Sankrantis, respectively are namely, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Sankranti can occur at any time of day or night, there is no definite time of its occurrance. Sun’s entry in the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign – The entry of Sun in the Sagittarius zodiac occurs in the Paush (10th month of Hinducalender) month. Hence Sagittarius Sankranti comes in the month of Paush. This year the Sagittarius Sankrantiis falling on 16thDecember. The lord of Sagittarius is Jupiter. According to MuhuratChintamani and Surya Siddhant scriptures, when the Sun enters the two zodiac signs of Jupiter- Sagittarius and Pisces, then it results in the Khar or Mal month (very inauspicious month). Thus the beginning of Khar month begins with the entry of the sun in the Sagittarius. Khar or Mal month spans for 2 months in the entire year. According to astrological science, Khar month is considered inauspicious. During this period, any auspicious task like marriage, entry in a new house, opening of the shop and start of any new work should not be initiated.     Sun God should be worshipped in the month of Khar. In this month, worshiping the Sun leads to Progress and Success is achieved, along with Strength, Wisdom, Divine knowledge, Health benefits, Fame etc. The worship of Sun finds mention in the four Vedas and various Puranas (ancient Hindu scriptures) such as TaitriyaAaranyak, Padma Purana, Ling Purana, MarkandeyaPurana etc. In the entire universe, the Sun God is the only God who is visible physically and whose effects can be experienced easily. With his Glow and Heat, he can illuminate the entire world and provide energy to live life. The transmission of life in the nature, has been possible only by the grace of the Sun God. This is the reason, why the importance of Sun God increases even more.

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During the Khar month, one should wake up before the Sunrise every dayand finish the daily morning chores. After that, after bathing, offering of water should be made to the Sun, followed by worshipping him and offering prayers. At the time of making the offering of water, the following verse should be chanted – ऊँघृणि: सूर्यायनम:, ऊँभानवैनम:, ऊँआदित्यायनम:, ऊँखगायनम: याऊँहीस:| सूर्यसहस्त्रनामयाआदित्यहृदय  (OmGhrinihSuryayNamah, OmBhanavaiyeNamah, OmAdityayeNamah, OmKhagayeNamah, or Om He Sah). By reciting Surya Sahastranam (1000 names of the Sun God)  or AdityahridayaSrota (the source of the Sun’s heart) verse, you can get rid of the Heart disease and Jaundice etc. In the Rig Veda (ancient Hindu scripture), the glory of Sun has been described, in which the great saint Kanvtanaya MaharishiPrashkanvchanted, while praying to the Sun God –

उद्यन्नद्यमित्रमहआरोहन्नुतरांदिवम |

हद्रोगंममसुर्यहरिमानंचनाशय ||

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 (Rig Veda 1/50/11)Meaning–Oh Sun God ! Today, while rising and moving ahead in the Sky, please take away and cure my Heart disease.

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