Origin of the Universe (Spirituality and Science)

How, when and why, did theatmosphere around us and the expanse of this vast, unfathomable sky, expand on the Earth, on which we live? This is a thought provoking topic, which the Human Civilization is trying to unfoldsince many centuries. Over the period of passing times, many conjectures and estimations were made in this connection and attempts were also made to prove them. Some of those concepts are most recognized in modern times. Which are based on the following theories-


  1. Scientific Concepts


  1. Spiritual Estimates

1. If we talk about scientific concepts, then in today’s times, the most valid and recognised theory of science, is the Big Bang Theory. This principle was stated in 1927 by George Limmetry. Limmetry stated the theory of Red Deviation or Shift, as the basis of the Big Bang Theory (the theory of Red Deviation or Shift was given by Hubble in 1919, according to which the universe is expanding). This ideology was not taken seriously by anyone at that point of time, but gradually with the scientific experiments and inspections and investigations, the support for the theory of the Big Bang kept on increasing. This theory was most recognised after the discovery of Cosmic Microwave Radiation in 1964.

According to the theory of the Big Bang, this universe has developed from a very tiny form

( dense intensity and a state of heat) and it is still in the process of expanding. In the beginning, the entire Universe was in the form of a unit of atom. The universe was born from theBig Bang explosion in this atom. Within one second of this explosion, fluids like the Quark, Lepton and Photonetc started forming and the universe started to cool down. Gradually the existence of gases like Hydrogen, Helium etc started to begin. Thus, it was through this process, that the universe was born.

  2. If we talk about spiritualism, then the spiritual concept is based on the ancient scriptures of the Hindu civilization. First of all, the Origin of Universe is mentioned in Hinduism’s oldest scripture, the Rig Veda. In the Sukta / Verse 121 of Mandal 10 of Rig Veda, the explanation of the Origin of the Universe has been mentioned.


हिरण्यगर्भ: समवर्तताग्रे भूतस्य जात: पतिरेक आसीत्।

स दाधार पृथिवीं द्यामुतेमां कस्मै देवाय हविषा विधेम॥ — सूक्त ऋग्वेद -10-121-1

In this verse,Hiranyagarbh ( the womb of Deer )- means the golden egg and the one living inside it. The peaceful status attained by havingcomplete pure knowledge is the Deer- the Golden Egg and the pride, which comes with thissublime consciousness of knowledge, is its womb. This verse means that the entire universe is born from that energy of sublime consciousness of knowledge. The basis of the birth of all the exuberant matter is the same which existed before this universe and will remain to be present even after the universe. That sublime knowledge is known by the names as Brahma, the Ultimate Soul and many other names in the Vedas and Upanishads. Similarly, in Sukta 129 (NaasadiyaSukta) of Mandal 10 of the  Rig Veda, there are 9 verses / shlokas, in which the Origin of Universe has been explained in detail. According to these, there was nothing before this universe, it was a total, complete darkness.

In general, science and spirituality are conflicting, and oppose each other, but if we consider the Origin of Universe, and give a thought on the opinions of both, then both speak in the same tone that the Origin of Universe has been from the a very tiny energy source, which is named as an Atomic Unit by science and as Brahm, in spiritualism.

It is mentioned in the Vedas, that the Universe Originated from Brahm and that only the Brahm existed even before the Origin of Universe and will exist even till eternity. The entire matter is made from Brahm, and that Brahm is present in the entire matter. At the same time, even in Physics, according to the infinite principle of energy being indestructible, it is mentioned that “neither can the energy be created, nor destructed. Its various forms can only be transferred from one to the other”.  According to this principle during the time of the Origin of Universe, the energy emanating from the Big Bang, was present before the explosion and will be present till eternity and it is from this energy of an Atomic Unit, that all the matter was created.

If we talk about the origin of Earth, the science is of the view that due to explosion of the    Atomic Unit, the Sky, the Atmospheric areas, with even more density than the gravitational force were formed in the sky. Then, with immense friction and rubbing forces, got converted into Balls of Fire. Slowly, with the passage of time, these Balls of Fire cooled and due to the changes in the atmosphere, got converted into clouds and it rained for millions of years, resulting in the formation of the Earth. After this, the first to come to life, were the plans and trees, followed by living beings.

If we talk about spirituality, then as per Hindu religion’s Taittiriya Upanishad, Earth’s origin is described somewhat as-  first and foremost Sky was formed, Air from the Sky, Fire from Air, Water from Fire, Earth from Water, Medicines from the Earth, Food Grains from Medicines, Semen from Medicines and Human Beings from Semen were created. Similarly, in the Rig Veda, the sequence is similar to this- Nature was created from Brahm, Ego from Nature, Significant Element from Ego, Sky from Significant Element, Air from Sky, Fire from Air, Water from Fire and the Earth from Water.

In the same context, if we talk about the origin of the Universe and Earth, then both, the Spiritual and the Scientific thoughts, despite their contradictions, have similarities too. Thus, Science and Spirituality do not completely oppose each other. Writings in the Vedas are correct but as time passed by, the evidences attached with these, got lost / disappeared and science kept carrying on, based onevidences. That is why, science is always on the path of discovering new evidences and if we analyse and pay attention, then science, with its latest evidences, is in a way,trying to prove the spiritual point of view.

Matamah Shraadh

Chhath Pooja