Matamah Shraadh

There are many types of notions related to women doing shraadhs. According to some beliefs, women should not do shraadhs which is actually not true. It’s because in some circumstances women also perform shraadh of their loved ones. One of such shraadhs is known as Matamah shraadh.  Another shraadh is in which the karma daughter performs the shraadh of her father.

When the karma granddaughter  performs the shraadh of her maternal grandparents such shraadhs are called as shraadh matamah shraadh.  This shraadh is performed in the month of Ashwin on Krishna Paksha on Navami. There is a special procedure to do this type of shraadh. This shraadh can be done by only that woman whose both son and husband are live. If husband and son are not present, it is called as then Tarpan .

It is believed that Matamah shraadh brings peace and happiness to the coming generations. The shraadh should be performed with appropriate rules and regulations. Furthermore, the favourite items should be offered on the name of pitras to the Brahmins.

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