Marriage Celebrations Of Lord Rama

Just as Himwan had given Parvati to Lord Shiva and Maharaj Sagar gave Lakshmi to Lord Vishnu, similarly, Maharaj Janakgave his daughter Sita to Lord Rama.

Just as Himwan had given Parvati to Lord Shiva and Maharaj Sagar gave Lakshmi to Lord Vishnu, similarly, Maharaj Janak gave his daughter Sita to Lord Rama. Due to which, the new glory of beauty spread out in all the four directions, how could Maharaj Janak plead in front of him, after seeing his dazzling dusky face, he had lost all his senses. Then in accordance with the rituals, Holy pyre was lit and verses were chanted and the marital knot was fastened and started going around the pyre.
Tulsidasji, has very beautifully described the marriage of Lord Rama and Sita in the Ramcharitmanas, Tulsidas says that at that time all Gods and Goddesses had come to Earth, from Heaven to witness and participate in the marriage of Lord Rama. Marriage is considered a very important part of life in Hindu Religion. Tulsi dasji says that ‘Shri Rama, through the institution of Marriage, has presented a solution to all three disorders of mind; lust, anger, and greed. Lord Ram’s marriage was solemnized on the Shukla Panchami ( 5th Day of the Phase of the Moon ascending from No Moon to Full Moon) of Marga shirsha Month (9th month of Hindu calender November or December). That is why Shri Ram’s Marriage occasion is celebrated on this day. It is also known as Marriage Panchami. This festival is celebrated in a very grand scale in Nepal because mother Sita was the daughter of the King of Mithila, MaharajJanak and nowadays Mithila is part of Nepal.

The Marriage occasion is also celebrated in Ayodhya with great fanfare even today

Even today in Ayodhya, this occasion is celebrated with great pomp and show. On the day of Marriage Panchami, many hundreds of years old Temples are decorated with flowers. Rangoli (colourful patterns) is made and decorated with colorful lights. Lord Ram’s marriage procession is taken out in the city, which, after after going round the entire city, all the temples comes back to the marriage ceremony and then the marriage of Mother Sita and Lord Shri Ram is solemnized. The food made for offering to them, is made in 56 types of varieties and people from far away places, come here to see this festival. In many temples, rituals are performed by placing huge Idols of God Ram and Sita. Many people from Mithila also visit Ayodhya to see this festival. There is continuous reading of Ramcharitmanas in many homes and temples. People from Mithila still stage act the Marriage of Shri Rama and Mother Sita by wearing the dresses of that period.
There are deep and cordial relations between India and Nepal due to this festival. It is a good time to visit Nepal during this time. At this time you can understand the culture of Nepal very clearly.

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