Magha Constellation (Nakshatra) and Bargad (Banyan Tree)

Magha Nakshatra –This nakshatra means great. Under this constellation, the lord of the constellation is Ketu and the lord of the zodiac sign is Sun. All the fhe four steps of this constellation come under the zodiac sign Leo. The symbol of this constellation is Throne. The people, born under this constellation, throughout their lifetime, remain affected by Ketu and the Sun.


Auspicious Nakshatra – This comes in the category of auspicious constellations. Building of house, or any kind of auspicious work can be done in this constellation. This constellation is very good and favourablewith reference to defense, surgery, chemical and making medicines, government service related work and taking oath.



Physical built – People born in this constellation are physically fit. Their body formation is good. The women born in this constellation are very beautiful.



Health-When the person born under this constellation suffers from the constellation, then he has to bear the problems related to the spinal cord, spleen, heart etc.





Physical pleasure –They have a good administrative position. Get complete happiness from having good house, land and full cooperation from mother.




Positive Aspects – The persons of this constellation are unflattering and outspoken. They are Social workers and are superior in intellect. Their behavior with others is very positive. These people hold high positions in big companies, courts, archaeological sites. These people are the ones, who respect elders, and have faith in them.


Negative Aspects- If the person of this constellation is under bad placement of the Sun, Ketu and Moon, in their horoscope, then these people have the tendency of being blunt, satirical and get emotional very quickly and are quarrelsome.  They face frequent obstacles in their path of advancement and growth.



Remedy to attain Peace- For attaining peace of the Sun, one should offer water everyday, to the rising Sun, from a Copper Pot. For attaining peace of Ketu, burn the lam, filled with Ghee, (White Butter made of Cow’s milk), every day in the evening.




Bargad (Banyan Tree) – The tree of MaghaNakshatra According to astrology, Banyan tree is a tree of MaghaNakshatra. This is of the Lineage of Mulberry Tree. Its scientific name is FicusBenghalensis. This is called “BanyanTree” in English. It is considered sacred and is worshipped in Hinduism. Its flowers are small, round and red in color. Its leaves are broad and almost oval. According to Hindu religion, this tree is considered to be a form of Brahma. According to the Agnipurana (ancient hindu scripture), the Banyan Tree denotes emission/ excretion. Therefore, people who want children worship Banyan Tree. The banyan tree has many Ayurvedic significance. Stomach related disorders getcured when eating banyan’s Bud or a New Sprouting Leaf, with yogurt. The cracks on the heels are healed by applying Banyan Milk on the cracked edges of the heel. Making a decoction, its bark and drinking it daily, gives relief to the Diabetes patients. Grinding fresh leaves of banyan, mixing with warm water, and putting it on the wound, immediately heals the wound. This tree is also effective in bringing rains. To cure Bad Breath emanating from Mouth, boil the bark of the Banyan tree in a cup of water and then do gargles with that boiled water.

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