December 2017 Horoscope By Achrya Indu Prakash

Aries Zodiac
According to the horoscope of Aries zodiac, this month will give increase in fame, respect and honour. There may be some tension and stress in family life. Changing weather can result in health woes. Abandon fear, anxiety and laziness, else the completion of tasks can get stopped and worsened. There is a tremendous chance of growth in income. Marital life will be happy. Can go on a pilgrimage with the family. Students will get a chance to go abroad for studies.


Taurus Zodiac
People born under the Taurus zodiac, need to work hard to attain success. You will be benefited from the travelling done for business purposes. Avoid excessive anger, otherwise relations can get sour with parents. Pls tread with extra caution, in terms of dealings in money, else can result in loss of money. Avoid borrowing and giving loans. Time is friendly for lovers. Unmarried ones can receive offer of marriage proposals.

Gemini Zodiac
This month, people of Gemini zodiac will get to meet and be friendly with the high profile and senior people. Will receive happiness and cooperation from Father. Business will increase due to putting in hard work. You can travel away from home for expanding the business. Chances are, that the expenses will be more than the income. Ups and downs with relation to health are possible. Need to take extra care in the food habits. The problems troubling the married life will get over. Lovers can make plans to go travelling.


Cancer Zodiac
The persons born under the Cancer zodiac will be filled with enthusiasm. You will reach very close to the goals which you have set. Students of this zodiac will need to put in a little more effort than required. Family life will be warm and cordial Your prestige and respect will increase in the field of work. Chances of meeting an old friend are there. The enemies will be defeated. Be careful while making friendship with a strange person on social media.


Leo Zodiac
This month, new avenues of betterment and expansion in business will open. There will be an increase in power and mettle. Sudden gain of wealth will happen. Those who are lawyers under this zodiac, will taste a win in a long pending case. Interest in religious and spiritual activities will increase. Chances of foreign travel are on the anvil. Happiness will increase in marital life. The arrival of a younger one in the family, will keep the atmosphere of enthusiasm in the house. Students will get success.


Virgo Zodiac
The persons born under Virgo zodiac are going to get a positive result of the deal done in connection with business. Economic condition will become strong. Students need to work more harder. A gift can be expected from the spouse. Good time will be spent with friends and loved ones. Auspicious rituals can be celebrated at home. There are chances of getting into love affair in the office. Health will remain fine, by doing regular yoga.


Libra Zodiac
There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family. Co-workers’ behavior in the office will also be normal. Your boss can also give you a new project along with promotion after being pleased with your work. You might need to do some short travels related withwork. Need to save money, which will be useful in the future. Will get favourable results in Competitive examination. The obstacles continuing since a long time, will get over. Respect the parents.

Scorpio Zodiac
The people under this zodiac will achieve their goals and targets this month. Will register a win on opponents. Invest money, only after a considerable thinking and taking the opinion of a knowledgeable person. The time is favourable for those who want to go abroad for higher education. Will get support from the spouse. The chances are ripefor buying a new house. Lovers should give gifts to each other; which will lead to strengthening of relationship. Be wary of health issues.


Sagittarius Zodiac
This month is going to be quite enjoyable for those in who are salaried and professionals. There can also be a party in the office. Long-standing bad relationship can end, with you taking the initiative. The traders of this zodiac, who are involved in trading in Gold and Silver, are going to gain a lot of money. Use caution while drivinga vehicle. Lovers must understand the feelings of each other otherwise the relationship can turn sour.

Capricorn Zodiac
People of Capricorn zodiac, whose business is related with Iron, can strike a deal with a foreign company, which will result in quite a lot of monetary profit. Your advice will be heard in the office and senior colleagues will support you. There will also be a lot of increase in your reputation. Important project will also be given to you. Teachers of this zodiac can get offers from some big university. Students should avoid unnecessary arguments.


Aquarius Zodiac
The luck of the people of Aquarius zodiac will favour them this month. The economic situation will be very strong and secure. People who meet you, will inspire you to do something new. There can be a good improvement in health. A chronic disease, giving suffering since long, will get cured. Love and affection will remain in the marital life. Those who are in a love relationship, need to understand each other. Students will get success due to their hard work.


This month is going to be normal for the people of Pisces zodiac. You may have to take a trip for some urgent work. Auspicious rituals can be organized at home. Need for keeping a restraint on speech. Students dealing with research studies will get good results. There are chances of gain in wealth. Support will be received from friends and relatives. There will be happiness in married life. Affection towards a religious place can start, which will last for a long time.


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