Depression | The problem of stress

Everyone wants to become something Big and achieve great heights in their life, but the desire to reach the heights, the urge to show achievements and the desire to attain everything, is grasping them in the clutches of stress. The problem of stress has become very common. One can notice that it affects people of all ages. In the past, its effect was seen only in older people, but now the youth is also seen prone to falling under this category. India is a young country. If our youth become victims of depression, then India will never be able to become a superpower.

A sound mental health provides the opportunity to perform well in every big or small, bad and good situations in life. Today, bad mental health is the biggest reason for the youth to be unhealthy. Talking to someone, sharing your thoughts and problems is the biggest STEP to get help. Mental stress and exhaustion in the metro cities, has become a part of the normal routine of  life.

However, it is also true that the reasons for cause of stress, vary from one person to the other. Someone can be stressed due to exams, the other may be stressed about the long pending incomplete work, while someone can be stressed regarding his job or problems in family relationships. Regardless of the reasons for stress, it definitely affects our health. The effect of stress also takes a toll on the capacity and level ofperformance, and it causes and results in many types of health problems.

Due to depression, people cannot live their normal lives. Amongst the South Asian countries, India has the highest number of patients suffering from depression. Not only this, there are approximately 3 Crore 80 Lakh people suffering from anxiety, in India. Anxiety is caused by tension, worry and stress, due to which many people commit suicide.

(With a new technology, doctors can check our mental health status from our blood tests.) In side coloumn Depression is such a disease which does not show any symptoms in the initial stages.

There are approximately 9 crore people in India who are facing some or the other kind of mental problem. In India, the number of mentally ill patients has increased by 18.4% between 2005 and 2015. There are 32 Crore 50 Lakh victims of depression in the world, of which 50% amount to people living in India and China. According to the WHO report in 2015, there were 5 Crore mentally ill patients in India. According to some reports, more medicines of depression were consumed in 2016 compared to 2015. One in 20 people in India is a victim of depression.

The number of victims of depression is increasing very fast all over the world. This can be surmised by the fact that theme of 2017 World Health Day was Depression.

Holding on to immaterial things, always keep on thinking, are main signs of depression. Everyone says why someone always remains angry ? Why does he remain alone, lonely or aloof  Why he does not behave well mannered ? Nobody thinks that the person can be a victim of depression.

Initial Symptoms-

The person will always be in tension, start staying alone, and stop meeting friends.

If he already used to drink alcohol, then he would increase the quantity.

The shocking aspect is that India spends only 0.06% of its health budget in fighting mental illness, whereas on the other hand, our neighbouring country, Bangladesh, spends 0.44% of its health budget in fighting mental illnesses.

In 2015, the Indian Health Ministry had told in the Lok Sabha that in India, almost

3800 Psychiatrists

898 Clinical Psychologists

850 Psychiatrist Social Workers 1500 Psychiatrists Nursesare present. If estimated, there is only one psychiatrist per every one million people in India, but according to the International Standards, there should be 5.6 psychiatrists per 1 lakh people. Keep in mind-

The mind is sad and gloomy, lack of self confidence, negative thinking, the thought of ​​dying, are those signs that clearly indicate that now the person is in a dire need of treatment. Depression can beat us, weaken us, but if we have the will to win inside our heart then it can never, ever beat us. The only need is, to speak openly about it and to face it.Take inspiration from Lord Shiva- Shiva is the progenitor, father of yoga and yoga is such a treasure whose key Lord Shiva has himself given to us. All we need is, to just open the treasure jackpot inside. In Yoga, there is the treatment of almost all diseases along with depression. If you are also suffering from depression, then get help by resorting to yoga.

Some other tips that can help you get out of depression- Always think positive. Stay away from alcohol and smoking. Share your troubles with family or friends. If you are married, then spend as much time, as possible with your spouse.

Home Remedies- Mix a cup of Rock Salt in a tub of lukewarm water and sit for 20 minutes inside the tub. Doing this 2 to 3 times in a week, will help you get some relief from depression.

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