Christmas! Ho! Hoo!! hooo!!!

Ooolaaa !!

Christmas is a very important and a very big festival.On the occasion of Lord Jesus Christ’s Birthday, it is celebrated every year throughout the world, with the same joy, happiness and enthusiasm as other festivals. Since Christmas is celebrated by all the Christians and today many non-Christians also celebrated it as a secular, cultural festival, so perhaps due to this, it makes it even more special. It is believed that the Lord Jesus Christ was sent to the Earth,so as to save the people’s lives and also to protect them from their sins and sorrows. To commemorate the good work done by Christ, this festival of Christmas comes in the winter season, on the 25th of December. During Christmas, exchange of gifts, items for decoration and having fun and enjoyment during the holiday, are the reasons, why Christmas has also become a major economic activity. All the houses and churches are cleaned up on Christmas, and are decorated with lots of colorful lights, lamps, candles, flowers and other decorative items. Nowadays, people of all religions have started enjoying this festival in togetherness, whether they are poor or rich, they celebrate it with great pleasure. Nowadays, most people even install Christmas trees in their homes. This Christmas tree is considered to be very lucky and auspicious. A trend has started that, now the people decorate the Christmas trees with electric colorful lights, gift items, balloons, flowers, toys, green leaves and other decorative objects. People believe that by doing all these decorations, the Christmas tree looks even more beautiful and even more attractive. On this auspicious occasion, the people celebrate this festival with their friends, family, relatives and neighbors in front of the Christmas tree, by singing, dancing, playing music, sharing gifts and eating delicious food.

On this day Christians get together and pray to God. In front of the Lord Jesus Christ, they apologize and request for forgiveness,for all kinds of big and small mistakes made by them. They sing sacred hymns in praise of their Lord Jesus Christ, thereafter, all of them get together and distribute Christmas gifts to all the children and guests. There is also a tradition of sending Christmas cards to the friends and relatives on this day. Many families take the pleasure of feasting on aromatic delicacies with their family members and friends on this day. Christmas has always been one of the most favorite festivals of children, as they very anxiously wait for this day because they get many presents and gifts from their parents, friends and relatives. Since it is a public and religious holiday on December 25th, and almost all government and non-governmental institutions are closed on this day. So there is a holiday in the schools and colleges also. Thus, keeping in view, this holiday on the 25th of December, the Christmas festival is celebrated in the schools and colleges, one day in advance, i.e. on 24th December. Especially the younger children who are studying in the schools, are asked to wear the Santa Claus dress or cap on that day, and they are given various kinds of sweet items like Chocolates, fruit Juices, Cold Drinks and much more. In the end, there also is a program of singing and dancing by the kids which makes them even more happy

Christmas, not only comes just in the form of a festival, along with, it brings lots of gifts and lots of happiness. During the time of Christmas, the process of exchanging of gifts, items for decoration and all the fun and enjoyment done, prepares all of us, mentally and physically, for the advent of the New Year, which is just around the corner.


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