Ayurveda medicines for prevention of Cold

Though, everyone awaits the Winter season. But there are some sweet-n-sour aspects of the winter season. Winter season is considered to be marvelous, with respect to health issues. In this season, the digestive system of our body also remains good. But due to the change in climatic conditions and the decrease in temperature, it takes time for our body to get adjusted to get conditioned with the external environment. Due to which we become ill. In this season, people have great longing to eat good food items, because whatever fried food, we eat, gets easily digested in the winters. When compared with other seasons, in this season, the resistance to fight the diseases in the body, decreases. And we fall sick in very quick successions. That’s why we have to take good care of our health and skin. People suffer from diseases, such as cold, cough, sore throat, fever and many health related problems. To avoid getting affected with cold and cough, Ayurvediccures, include consuming ginger with honey daily, gives quick relief. Along with this, making a thick batter paste of asafoetida and sniffing it three to four times a day, the problem of mucus is cured quite easily. By drinking turmeric in hot milk, helpsin getting rid of cough and body pain immediately. In this season there is a grave need to take precautions with regards to small children. Because the children who are affected by the diseases in this season, take more time to recover. In such a situation, the body of the child needs to be kept warm,for which some useful remedies have been given in Ayurveda, in which put little salt in lukewarm water and leave it for some time, to get cool. After that, put a little solution in the nose of the children. This causes generation of heat in the body of the children and the tightness of the mucus is also removed. This is a completely Ayurvedic treatment, which has no side effect. In this season old people also suffer from joint pain and arthritis diseases. In this disease, the fluid in between the joints gets absorbed due to winter, leading to swelling and pain in the joints. In theAyurvedic treatment for this, one needs to boil the herbal leaves and then make a paste after grinding them, to apply it onpart, which has the pain. It gives relief to the joint pains. In the winter season, there is a need to increase the body’s resistance power. For this, four to five slices of garlic should be eaten everyday at dawn. In addition, mix basil leaf and black pepper in a glass of water, and heat it and then drink it. This helps get rid of fever and stiffness in the body. Many times we have a sore throat also in this season and it pains a lot, while speaking. The treatment for it is, to eat Liquorice (Mulethi)with the Betel leaf. In this season we should not eat some food items like ice cream, cold water, banana and rice.

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