Gyan vani is a monthly spiritual magazine which was first published in the year 2012. It will complete its 6 years of publishing on January 1st 2018. It has been successfully circulating all over India. It is day by day increasing its readership. It tries to show a strong bonding between science and spirituality.  Culture, religion and politics are  interlinked. The magazine tries to show a clear vision of the same. It tries to educate the readers not only about spirituality but also about technology. The magazine distributes hundreds of copies every month. Each article has a different and new concept. it is not only  limited to Hindu culture, beliefs, Vastu tips, cultural festivals etc. It is based on the concept of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is the concept of not limiting to a single culture. The magazine publishes different aspects of different culture. Different spiritual beliefs and culture of different region is expressed in this magazine. Beautification tips and  health tips are also included in this magazine. Every time a new concept is introduced which is flourished with knowledge. The name Gyan Vani itself describes the main focus of the magazine. The main focus of the magazine is to spread information.

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