60 Seconds Formula to Get any Job

60 Seconds formula and 5 Points agenda work together.

These days the interviews have become so hard-hitting that getting any dream job has become very difficult. Many of us have the potential but their condition is pathetic on one or the other parameter and that becomes the chief reasons of their disqualifying. Many people have good qualification and impressive resume but still they are unable to catch the attention of the interviewer. In this edition we will discuss the formula by which you can crack any job interview with eminent ease whenever you want.

Make a 5 points agenda:

Recruiters have to take interview of limitless number of candidates. Managing so many candidates in one go becomes very tricky and hence they fail to draw the fine line of difference between them that differentiates an average candidate from a better one. The knowledge of all appears to be same to them; in fact, their experience also looks same to them.

Hence, you need to work on the following 5 agendas to garner eyeballs of the recruiter.

What is the 5 Points agenda?

In this agenda, you should highlight 5 major traits of yours that a company is anxiously looking for.

Prepare your best 5 qualities that you want to highlight. Remember, you need to reveal all these qualities to the recruiter within 60 seconds of being face to face.

Why in 60 seconds?

These days, no one has time to listen to your boastful and lengthy conversations. Everyone wants speedy results. People like reading small messages of “whats up” more than the longer ones. Longer conversations are not paid any heed. They also like watching small advertisements instead of the longer ones. Smaller advertisements catch more attention than the longer ones. They do not like revolving round and round on a small topic as they have limited patience. It has been explicitly seen in an interview too as it has adversely affected the interviews of many of the candidates. The long and exaggerated conversations make the interviewer lose interest in your conversations and he wants to be free from you. Such conversations make him irritable and angry. Furthermore this measures you on the same platform where other candidates are standing and who forms the crowd.

60 seconds and 5 points agenda will make you present all your positive points explicitly. It will boost your confidence and will bring you in limelight in the huge crowd.

How to answer tough questions?

Usually people become nervous in interviews. They become so nervous while answering the questions that they forget as in what to say and how to start. They start fumbling. They keep going round and round or repeating the content. The interviewer becomes bore and shows you the way of leaving the room.

Practice these things-

Practice those questions that you feel can be asked in an interview. Some of such questions are- Tell me something about yourself, your experience, in which sector your company works, why only you should be hired by the existing company when so many candidates are sitting outside etc. These are some of the common questions that are commonly asked by the recruiter. Practice all these questions patiently. Study these questions and prepare their answers well so that you do not face any difficulty in answering them.

Whatever skills you have learned or experienced in the previous company, link them with the existing company and think on this topic well. Accumulate all your positive points based on the company’s profile and make the interviewer realise that you are the best candidate for the position. Remember one more thing that you need to convey to the recruiter that you are a kind of person who is ready to learn new skills at all points of time and you are open to new experiences.

Look Good

Look Good. Some people do not wear tie neatly, some of them have dirty shoes, some people’s shirts are not tuck properly in their pants or their buttons are opened. Because of all this, despite of our best endeavours, we fail to make the interviewer happy and contented and this reduces our chances of getting the job. These days, many recruiters judge a candidate with their outer appearance and looks. Hence it is our suggestion that whenever you go for any interview then keep these things in mind. Ensure that your dress is ironed well, shoes are well polished, hair is combed and you look hygienic.

The last but most important point

At last the interviewer asks you if you want to ask him something. Then I must tell you that this is the golden opportunity which you should never miss at any cost. You must ask some relevant question for sure at this point as the interviewer pays high attention on this aspect. However, you should never ask any question regarding salary till the time he himself asks this question from you. It’s because only this question can wash all your employed efforts.

If you follow these simple but most significant tips told by us then the chances of seeking job multiplies multi-fold times. Remember, always carry a smile on your face while giving interview and answer all the questions with confidence.

Sun Uttarayan

Matamah Shraadh